The birth of a star is an exciting process; it requires hydrogen one of the simplest form of gases to gather into clouds by the force of gravity. A result is an object that shines through the night sky and captures the attention of many throughout the years. In a similar fashion, our figurative star is made up of a group of individuals drawn together by the CAI to participate in the progress of innovation.


The Challenge

Over a period of over five months Genetoo was privileged to participate in the NASA-CAI challenge. The CAI-NASA sponsored challenge is an avenue to innovation; it serves as an opportunity to improve business strategy, network with brilliant people, and start a company. As our team progressed to the semi-finals of this challenge, each member was utilised to overcome various trials to reach a new level of success.


The Journey

The team began to move diligently to remain active in the race; there were lectures to attend, deadlines to meet and assignments to complete. Each team member was working around the clock to understand the process of developing a company. In three groundbreaking phases, the team began to grow a business by gaining skills such as in market analysis, the legality of registering a new business, and how to engage stakeholders. During Phase 1 of the challenge our team came to the table with a 2-minute elevator speech video. It required gathering cross-knowledge and competence in many fields, and this is how the star started to shape, getting on board skilled professionals sharing the same view. Phase 2 consisted of a developed 10-page business plan and live pitch for the business. The team of Genetoo is now looking forward to Phase 3 to be able to gather up resources and raise capital for the startup.

This challenge became a lifestyle it was a complement to the birth of a child and the union of marriage. People living in different countries around the world, but joining together into the United States every other day thanks to the state of the art digital platforms offered by the CAI. Our team grew at a rapid rate as each member interacted with successful mentors able to deliver their advice from offices in New York, Washington, or Silicon Valley…. The team was honoured to meet in with scientists from NASA and pleased to meet like-minded entrepreneurs to help shape the business outlook. The entire journey was a huge success!


The Success

As the team concludes their adventure of participating in the NASA-CAI challenge, they walk away as individuals versed in legal, scientific and business matters. Above all else the team walks away with the prospects of growth, knowing that they have become a part of a galaxy of entrepreneurs.