Genetoo's R&D is exploiting the power of AI

Machine learning algorithms aid to optimize laser parameters and to improve the understanding of bacterial attachment and bacteria proliferation to different surfaces and materials.

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AI systems support people in their work and potentially in the future, most of the job will require and use an intelligent system to facilitate work routine.

AI is an integral part, and it is improving the quality of our life in many aspects. Most of our devices, houses and cars use AI and machine learning.

AI and machine learning are the foundation of the fourth industrial revolution. AI is essential to understand intricate patterns and improve our life.

Accelerating R&D

The data generated in each experiment together with the power of AI and machine learning is helping Genetoo to be more advanced, productive, and reduce cost.

  • “When leveraging the power of AI to win a fight against bacteria, we will finally get the chance to be way ahead of the game”
    Marco Salvatore, PhD
    Member of the Scientific Advisory Board, AI/ML implementation

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