Biotechnology startup Genetoo Inc. is announcing an exciting new project. Genetoo has signed a Space Agreement Act (SAA) with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA.) –  NASA’s Langley Research Center. Genetoo Founder Chris Whitman remarked about this milestone saying “this collaboration (with NASA) will help speed up Genetoo’s mission of addressing the development of bacterial resistance to antibiotics.”

The SSA will explore the way laser technology is used as related to adhesion on many different surfaces. The technology implemented by Genetoo has possible applications far beyond biotechnology. Genetoo’s technology can also be used to adhere both organic and non-organic molecules.

The SSA with NASA puts Genetoo, Inc. in good company. Other companies that have signed SAAs with NASA include Microsoft, Google, Intel Corp, SpaceX, Virgin Galactic, and the California Institute of Technology among others. The SAA between Genetoo and NASA will include the sharing of data between both organizations. With the notion that two heads are better than one, more data will be generated and shared as related to this research area.

With Genetoo’s ultimate goal to provide the prosthetic implant market with new materials that resist bacterial colonization, this SSA can only help to speed up the process toward saving lives.

Genetoo believes wholeheartedly that the opportunity to introduce a technology that will solve a problem for humanity, as well as potentially helping with problem-solving outside of the earth is truly remarkable and quite rare.

Whitman also stated, “speaking for all of Genetoo’s team, I can say that we are honored to be collaborating with NASA and our team is looking forward to doing some great work.” For more information about the SSA and the work of Genetoo, Inc. contact us for inquiries.