After months of hard work and incredible innovation by our team, Genetoo is proud to announce that we are among the winners of the CAI-NASA SPACE RACE competition, a start-up competition organized by the Center for Advancing Innovation (CAI) and sponsored by NASA where start-ups were challenged to adapt NASA space technology to a modern day business idea, and Genetoo rose to the challenge.

Three hundred aspiring entrepreneurs took part in the competition. Each team was placed under a rigorous accelerator training and mentorship program for several months, learning from different engineers and working with experts to constantly improve upon their start-up’s business model.

Among these 300 participants, 37 teams moved to the second phase of the competition. This included Genetoo’s team, whose members come from 8 different countries, with interdisciplinary experience in science, business, law, engineering, and finance.

Genetoo’s innovative idea will take technology used by NASA on space missions and make it available to the healthcare market. Trough both coatings and laser technology we can create surfaces that are so hydrophobic that it wards off the growth of infections. With the goal of reducing prosthetic-related infections, our scientists have perfected a product with the ability to eliminate the infections acquired during prosthetic surgeries.

Our company is only starting out with prosthetics, but this hydrophobic technology has many significant applications in biotechnology. We hope to expand our technology across the healthcare market and make it accessible for more surgeries than just those concerning prosthetics.

Clearly, the judges of the CAI-NASA SPACE RACE competition saw the same possibility for success and growth within our company that we do. Now that we have won, Genetoo will move onto Phase 3 of the challenge, during which the company will become incorporated and will officially license NASA technologies.

Genetoo’s participation within the SPACE RACE competition has been a long journey and our win is the result of months of hard work. Our team is so happy to see our efforts realized and acknowledged. It’s an incredibly gratifying feeling, and we’re so grateful for the support our team has received along the way.

Now is when the real work starts — but for the moment, it’s time to celebrate.