Biotechnology startup Genetoo, Inc. has reached another milestone in its mission to combat bacterial resistance to antibiotics. The patent licensed in 2017 from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has now been revised to grant Genetoo exclusivity within the medical industry.

Genetoo’s exciting development of a prototype that can inhibit bacterial growth on surfaces has completely changed the playing field in the prosthetic implant market. With this exclusive patent, and after the signing of a Space Act Agreement (SAA) with NASA, the pathway to the marketplace will now move even faster.

Infections among patients with prosthetic implants have been a considerable problem plaguing the industry since the beginning of prosthetics. With this exclusive agreement, the technology will be able to reach the market much faster, thus improving the quality of life for patients and even saving lives. With this substantial milestone, Genetoo now has an advantage in the market, having already developed a functional prototype.

There are a number of bacteria that are currently resistant to antibiotics. As this number grows, it becomes even more imperative to research and innovate to combat the problem. Bacterial resistance to antibiotics has the potential to become a medical disaster on epidemic proportions. In response to this need, NASA has been a trusted collaborative partner for Genetoo, with scientists working to implement further experimentation, research, and development into this biotechnology.

NASA has a vested interest in seeing the effectiveness of the technology as it applies to more applications beyond the prosthetic field. Dentistry, cardiology, and even the endoscopic device market could all potentially benefit from the research of Genetoo and NASA. The possibilities are truly massive for this biotechnology and its practical application. Genetoo stands proudly along with NASA with increasing confidence as a result of now obtaining exclusivity for the use of this patent. Contact us for more information about Genetoo and this remarkable biotechnology.