Genetoo, Inc. has announced exciting growth in the field of antibiotic resistance. The problem of antibiotic-resistant infections is growing and already takes approximately 700,000 lives worldwide each year. This number is expected to rise to over ten million in the next 30 years if nothing is done to combat this problem. Genetoo has focused years of extensive effort on researching ways to solve this problem and can proudly announce the development of its first prototype. The development of this prototype is a huge leap forward to solving this critical problem. 

Genetoo was able to license a National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) patent in 2017 that provided an essential piece to the development of this prototype. With this patent and the extensive research done internally, Genetoo technology has shown drastic reduction of the growth of bacteria.

The innovation not only showed a bacterial reduction, but the treatment did not lead to cytotoxicity. This exciting development in the field is a game changer for a very real problem. Antibiotics are no longer the solution to eliminating all bacterial infection. With these positive results, Genetoo is now ready to move to the next step in development. This technological advance will have practical application to the marketplace through medical device implants fighting bacteria without the need for antibiotic treatment. 

The development of this prototype for Genetoo is exciting simply because of the impact it will have on mankind from a humanitarian standpoint, but it also opens up a new segment of the medical treatment marketplace which will have a substantial economic impact. In a world where more bacterial resistance to antibiotics is a growing problem, this exciting technology developed by Genetoo will be a true lifesaver. Its uses will be unlimited around the world as the medical community combats this growing epidemic.

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